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Disrupt your competitive market using AI and machine learning that were, until now, reserved for only major tech companies.  Skafos Solutions easily integrate into your existing mobile apps and e-commerce systems and brings to life experiences that delight your customers while supporting growth.  Unlock value that is currently trapped in your data.

Recommendation Engines
Personalization drives conversion

Personalization is now about hyper-personalization and the only way to achieve this is with machine learning.  So much so that 15% of visitors admit to buying recommended products. Gain even more advantage when you can apply more context to the mix and be aware of what your users are doing, and when. 

15% of visitors admit to buying recommended products

Visual Search
Make it easier to discover your products

62% of millennials want visual search. Give your customer’s camera the ability to shop a look in your catalog without typing a word. Companies like Pinterest are using image search and obtaining conversion rates of over 8%. With Skafos, you can also see this growth.

Virtual Try On [in Beta]
Your apps are personal shopping assistants

The ability to turn your user’s smartphone or smart mirror, for that matter, into a virtual personal shopping assistant using machine learning and Augmented Reality (“AR”) is flipping retail and shopping on its head. Your customers can try on everything from hair and nail colors to make up to jewelry and clothing. They can see how a piece of furniture will look in their living room.  Drive conversions and sales by bringing the shopping experience to them, on the device in their hands. And it works! Wayfair’s customers are 3.4x more likely to purchase after using AR.

Custom AI Solutions
Our experts working with you

Need something more than what we bring with our ‘out of the box’ solutions? No problem, the tools and experts that make Skafos happen are made available to you. We can help you from AI strategy to solutions delivery. 

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How Skafos Works

Connect Your Data. We work with most commerce solutions.

Integrate Skafos SDK with a couple lines of code.

Maximize Skafos AI Solutions as we continuously optimize your models as your usage grows.